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What is IOREX?
IOREX Water/Pipe Treatment System


The IOREX is an innovative water/pipe treatment system that effectively removes and prevents rust, scale and slime in pipelines by patented ionization process for clean and healthy water.


Different from the conventional systems, IOREX is an economical and environment-friendly system that only uses the natural flow of water as its source of power for the positive effect.



IOREX Process


When water passes through IOREX, it generates static electricity by friction with its contact surface of special carbon inside. When the electric charge of the static electricity level becomes high, water molecules are ionized by discharging the electrons in the farthest orbit. Water is ionized when passing through the electrostatic field which is formed by the motion of those electrons.

IOREX transforms plain water

into ionized water by

Turbulence-jet and

Galvanic current effect.

Micro Nano Bubble

-Clusters of 30-300

-Forms clusters of 5-6 water molecules

-Generates ion activated water with small Zeta potential

-Improves affinity and permeability of water

Turbulence jet

-Forms Turbulence by collision of carbon nozzle and water

-Increases Entropy

-Generates strong electrostatic field

Galvanic current

-Generates very large electric potential with small positive-large

 negative pole structure

-Electrons gather on the small positive pole

-Transfers electrons to water

-Promotes ionization

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