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Q1. What are the optimum conditions for IOREX?

IOREX works ideally under the following conditions:

  1. High water usage

  2. High water pressure (High water flow velocity)

  3. One direction for water flow

  4. Cold water rather than hot water (max. temperature 80°C)

  5. No foreign substances (residue) – if foreign substances exist in your water, you need to install strainer or filter in front of IOREX


Q2. Is there condition of pipe that should be considered before installing IOREX?

If water supply system has a leak, IOREX needs to be installed after replacing the portion of leaking pipes.


Q3. Can IOREX remove residue remained in the pipe?​

IOREX has no filter, and, thus, stone, soil, mud, etc. remained in the pipe cannot be removed by IOREX. We recommend you to install a filter before you install IOREX.


Q4. What happens if water pressure exceeds the limit?

Generally, allowable water pressure of water pipe is 10K. It varies according to the use, but water pressure usually doesn't exceed 6K. If you have a need for 20K, you can order custom-made 20K ones.


Q5. Does ionized water generated by IOREX change when stored in water tank?

H+ and OH- ions created after passing through IOREX tend to go back to H2O after 72-hour passes. Therefore, if the water is stored in water tank longer than 72-hour after passing through IOREX, we recommend you to install IOREX after the water tank.


Q6. Does IOREX's functional performance change according to the flow velocity?​

IOREX is a product which takes effect by friction of water with its contact surface. Therefore, frictional force increases by raised friction factor as flow velocity increases. When frictional force increases, it affects the piping. Thus, we recommend you to install it at the rear part of booster pump.


Q7. Does efficiency of ionized water change beyond effective distance?​

Effect will be reduced if the pipe is not straight after effective distance. Additional installation is required for the place where there are many T-branch pipes and the place with low flow velocity.


Q8. What happens if mineral content in water is low or none?

When mineral content in the water is low or none, its effectiveness in scale as well as rust prevention will be enhanced.


Q9. What kind of health benefits do we have by IOREX?

Ionized water that passes through IOREX exists as smaller water cluster than normal water and it is easily absorbed by animals and plants, improving water permeability and promoting growth rate. Also, it helps cure various skin disease like atopy or dermatitis and affects physical constitution. However, it should not be regarded as therapeutic apparatus.


Q10. How do we handle the slime inside IOREX?

There is no slime to be formed inside IOREX.


Q11. Is water divided into acidic and alkaline one?

IOREX is not equipment that separates acidic water from alkaline water using electrolysis. IOREX is equipment that makes ion activated water through the ionization as electrified H+ or OH- by continuous supply of electric charge to H2O.


Q12. Where should we install IOREX if there is a water tank?

If you have water tank in the building, we recommend to install at the pipe (rear part of booster pump) that water runs from water tank.


Q13. Stainless, copper, and PVC pipe have no rust problem?

Pipes made of above materials do not rust easily. However, slime can still build up in these pipes. IOREX prevents incrustation, green rust, chromium adsorption, and slime formation in the pipes.


Q14. Is rust or scale different according to the types of pipes?

Stainless, copper, PVC or PE pipe does not produce rust or scale easily. However, stainless pipe or copper pipe may also be corroded (it is processed more slowly than steel pipe), and there may have slime on the pipe wall inside, which is unsanitary. Propagation of general germs may occur due to the slime. Corroded stainless pipe has much more harmful effect on human body than copper pipe. This is because the stainless pipe contains Chromium(Cr). But it can be prevented with the installation of IOREX on new pipes.


Q15. Does IOREX have sterilization effect?

It has sterilization effect by destruction of bacteria cell wall through the creation of electric charge by the turbulence jet formation of IOREX, galvanic current and inside friction force with antibacterial effect of carbon and brass, and it has also sterilization effect on general bacteria and colon bacillus. The electric current of an electrostatic field created in IOREX when water passes through it and special carbon embedded in IOREX have an impact on doing damage to the cell walls of bacteria along with strong antibiosis and sterilization effect.


Q16. Is water passing through IOREX safe to drink?

IOREX is an NSF/ANSI 61/372 certified product. These certificates guarantee IOREX for drinking or potable water use. As long as your tap water is from treated source and drinking water, water passing through IOREX is safe to drink.


Q17. Can IOREX filter out foreign substanes in water?

IOREX is not a filter. IOREX cannot filter out the foreign substances in water.


Q18. Is any regular maintenance service required for IOREX?

No. IOREX does not require any maintenance service. However, it should avoid freezing condition.


Q19. What is the life span expectancy for IOREX?

It will be between 20 and 25 years depending on the quality and quantity of water passing through IOREX. A lot of IOREX units installed when IOREX was initially developed 15 years ago are still efficiently performing their functions without any maintenance or repair.


Q20. What is a major difference between IOREX and water softener?

A regular water softener removes hardness minerals in water such as calcium and magnesium ion and eliminates the hardness deposit problem. However, IOREX does not demineralize water to deal with the hardness problem. It changes shape and structure of the hardness mineral ions so they lose their binding ability and are flowed out with water. In fact, World Health Organization (WHO) recommends drinking hard water. Calcium and magnesium are essential to good health. The ideal solution would be leave those healthy minerals in water, but alter their state so that they could not form scale. This is exactly what IOREX does.


Q21. Is it similar to the magnetic water treatment system?

No. IOREX does not use magnetic or magnetic field to solve scale and rust problem.


Q22. Does IOREX have energy-saving effect?

Yes. Scale not only clogs pipes, it also consumes energy. Scale is a poor heat conductor. Scale build-up acts as insulation, making the heater work harder to achieve the same results. Preventing scale can result in up to 24% energy cost savings over the lifetime of a gas tank-type water heater. IOREX prevents and removes scale build-up on heating equipment. Therefore, IOREX has energy-saving effect.


Q23. What is the method for IOREX's performance verification?

Because IOREX does not demineralize water or remove hardness mineral, water quality test for hardness does not effectively verify the IOREX's performance. The optimal method for IOREX's performance verification is visual inspection of pipe inside.

Q24. Does IOREX have In-Out direction for installation?

No. IOREX has no in-out direction for installation. It is a bi-directional one.


Q25. Does IOREX belong to POU or POE?

IOREX belongs to both of POU(Point of Use) and POE(Point of Entry) according to the usage. IOREX has various models so it is available for any condition.


Q26. What is the maximum hardness that IOREX can deal with?

IOREX was developed to solve scale and rust problem in market where the extreme hardness water (greater than 17.5 gpg or 300 ppm) is very rare. Thus, IOREX performs ideally for water hardness less than 17.5 gpg or 300 ppm. However, IOREX can still significantly reduce scale for extreme hard water.

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