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Hard water treatment becomes mandatory for industrial establishment that uses heavy amount of water. Hard water creates scale, the worst enemy for industrial facilities, in piping system.


It causes:

  • Shorten life cycle for facilities

  • Reduce heat efficiency and increase fuel consumption

  • Unnecessary downtime due to the malfunction of machineries

  • Increase leakage rate for pipe system

  • Low heat efficiency due to scale formation inside of heat exchanger and boiler system along with high maintenance cost including uses of chemicals

  • Water Pipe Line – rust and scale formation in pipe – increase leakage


IOREX Solutions


With the patented technology of ionization, IOREX provides:

  • Extend life cycle of the pipe line and machineries

  • Remove and prevent rust, scale in boilers, heat exchangers and water pipe line system

  • Maximize heat efficiency, minimize leakage rate

  • Reduce downtime by preventing frequency of other equipment malfunctions caused by scale and rust

  • Save on management and maintenance cost

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