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IOREX Effects 


  • Removal and Prevention of Rust, Scale and Slime


- Patented technology of IOREX not only prevents oxidation of iron (Fe) and  formation of scale and slime, but also            removes the existing rust, scale and slime.

  • Sterilization of Water


- The electric current of a strong electrostatic field created when water passing through IOREX and the special carbon      inside kill and sterilize bacteria such as E. coli.

- IOREX prevents and kills Legionella pneumophila bacteria by removing bio-film in water pipes


  • Healthy Water

- Ionized water created from IOREX is easily absorbed by human, plants and animal, and promotes accelerated

  metabolism and growth.

- IOREX converts normal water into ionized water which has more water affinity and permeability into cell tissues.

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