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How It Works
Operation Principle for Rust & Scale


Formation of Rust


  • The loss of electrons is called oxidation, and the oxidation reaction results in rust.

  • Oxidation occurs when those loose electrons combine with water and oxygen in pipe system.

  • Fe 2+ ion formed on the surface of iron creates Fe₂O₃ combining with 2OH-.

Prevention and Removal of Rust


  • Electrons constantly emitted from water when the water passes through IOREX prevent irons from emitting its electrons and, thus, prevent oxidation or corrosion.

  • With help of electrons emitted from water ionization process, reddish-brown rust, called Hematite (Fe2O3) is converted into black Magnetite (Fe3O4) which coats the inside surface of pipe.

  • It takes 1-4 weeks to remove existing rust, and the rust comes out as water flows through naturally.

  • No more rust formation.

Leakage Prevention and Extension of Metallic Water Pipe Lifespan


  • Magnetite is used in several industrial applications due to its special properties such as purity and high density.

  • Reddish-brown rust (Fe2O3) reacts with electrons emitted from water ionization process and is converted into Magnetite (Fe3O4). When the inside surface of pipe is coated with Magnetite, the pipe inside gets hardened before and the coating prevents leakage of the pipe. Due to increasing hardness, the pipe lifespan is extended to 2-3 times.

Fe2O3 (Hermatite) + 1/2e-  → Fe3O4 (Magnetite)

Formation of Scale


  • When water runs through a pipe, water is charged with anode while the pipe is charged with cathode.

  • Among the minerals contained in water are positive ions (cations) such as Ca2+, Mg2+, Fe2+, and Mn2+ and negative ions (anions) such as SO4-, Cl-, and HCO3-.

  • Scale is formed when those positive and negative ions combine chemically and they form a solid clod.

Prevention and Removal of Scale


  • Scale crystals which are naturally in needle-shaped structure are transformed to disc-shaped orbicular structure and grow by 15 times in size under the influence of static electricity when passing through IOREX.

  • Scale ions lose their binding ability in this state. Thus, the scale particles flow out with fluid in this state without clinging to pipe system.

  • Scale structure gradually breaks down as a relax effect is promoted within needle-shaped tissues and combination of positive and negative ions are split off with scale tissues.

  • Scales become soft and get eliminated finally.



  • The electric current of a electrostatic field created in IOREX when water passes through it has a prompt impact and special carbons inside have an effect on making damages to the cell walls of bacteria.

  • The antimicrobial substance embedded IOREX inside has also an effect on removing colon bacillus and general bacteria.

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