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Water Supply


Corrosion and scale formation cause catastrophic failures to water pipelines that supply drinking water to our home and businesses. These defects compromise hydraulic and structural integrity of water pipes and create water quality and safety issues. Hundreds of millions of dollars are required to rehabilitate or replace these pipes. IOREX is able to not only prevent future escalating damages to water pipes, but also rehabilitate water pipeline at a fraction of re-piping or replacement cost.


IOREX Solutions 


Innovative Trenchless Technology Without Excavating City Street.

Conversion of existing rust in pipes into magnetite (Fe₃O₄) with strong, solid and stabilized structure.


IOREX provides:

  • Savings on maintenance cost and eventual replacement of aging pipe system

  • Eliminate the existing and prevent the future rust, scale and slime in pipes

  • Reduce and prevent water leakage

  • Extend the pipe lifespan more than 2 times

  • Cleaner water supply by killing and sterilizing bacteria such as E. coli

  • No electrical power, chemical, and maintenance over 20 years

  • Low installation cost

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