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Reduction or even replacement of

  • Hardness stabilizers

  • Corrosion preventers


Longer maintenance intervals for 

(Heating appliances, processing equipment and distribution system)

  • Heat Exchanger

  • Extrusion and injection moulding machines (plastic parts manufactures)

  • Closed cooling circuit (plastic parts manufactures)

  • Cooling tower / chiller

  • Circulation pump and vacuum pumps

  • Large vacuum pump / Paper rolls cooling system / high pressure water nozzles (Paper Mill)

  • Evaporative-condenser tower (winery)

  • Boiler

  • Condenser

  • Duct system

  • Electrode holder (industrial furnace)

  • Desalinated water system (shipping industry)

  • Automatic dishwasher machine

  • Sump reservoir

  • Autoclave systems

  • Water storage tank, toilets and faucets

  • Other applications

Heating cost


Because the IOREX removes existing scale buildup on pipe work, valves, heating elements including hot water heaters, industrial heat exchangers, hot water pipes and tanks, less energy is required to heat the water.

Water pipe cleaning expense


Eliminate pipe jetting.

Future pipe repair & replacement


With IOREX, you can dramatically extend the lifespan of your water pipes and alleviate pinhole leaks.

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