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Most of current buildings, commercial properties, strata properties as well as institutional properties such as hospitals and schools, use different type of chemicals to treat rust and scale problems. Problems in water pipe line are not only rust and scale of steel pipe, but also blue and green rust in bronze pipe, chrome adhesion on stainless steel pipe and other slime. These problems shorten lifespan of water pipe line and increase management and maintenance cost for the buildings.


It also creates:

  • Loss of heat efficiency hence high fuel consumption

  • Health hazard due to various chemicals being used

  • Increase pin-hole leakage leading to high maintenance cost


Water is an important part of our daily lives. It must be treated in the most complete and safe way. Rusty water is a sign of water supply pipe corrosion. Scale and slime reduce the water pressure, and help bacteria grow.


IOREX Solutions


IOREX has many proven track records of solving corrosion and hard water problem around the world. Its performance is one of the best. IOREX provides extension of life span of water pipe system, reduction in management and maintenance cost, and improvement of water quality. 

IOREX provides:

  • Prevents and removes existing rust, scale, slime, and biofilm in water pipes

  • Reduce management and maintenance cost by restoring heat efficiency

  • Keeps water pipes clean, drastically increases efficiency & prolongs their lifespan.

  • Supply clean water by killing and sterilizing bacteria such as E. coli

  • Prevents and kills Legionella pneumophila bacteria

  • Water softening effect

  • Better soap and detergent performance

  • Reduce skin related problems

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