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Case Studies

Ksan House Society, Terrace, BC, Canada


2" Iorex device was installed in water supply pipe

in February 2019

Analytical report description

  • GME and BC Housing are working with Ksan Society as part of a pilot project testing IOREX.

  • Ksan Society had scale deposit in their dishwashers, equipment and water pipes causing the short average life of systems, downtime and the excessive cost of maintenance.

  • The report proves that the issue on scale have significantly decreased and residents at Ksan Society is reportedly very satisfied with IOREX. Residents' testimonials conducted 6 months following installation indicated that after only a few weeks of use with IOREX, it removed the scale build-up in the system and prevented new scale. Water at Ksan Society has remained clear without any further issue since the installation of IOREX.

Water treatment system report from Ksan Society

- Sabrina O’Connor (Ksan Residence & Shelter Manager)


  • Our cook noticed a difference in the calcium build up right away as our dishwasher had previously needed cleaning approx. every two weeks to prevent the water holes from closing over.

  • After the install, at the midway point we had zero calcium build up, now we are near the end of our assessment period and we do have a small amount of calcium build up in the dishwasher, but our cook confirmed that it is still a massive improvement from before.

  • “Since they installed it its better. I didn’t realize that the calcium was causing the dishes to come out scuffed up and now they are always so clean!”

- Korinna Morven (Cook)

  • Our support workers have all reported that there is little to no calcium buildup in/on the shower heads,

       toilet bowls, and bathroom sink drains.

  • Prior to the install the support workers had to use a butter knife, at least once a week, to scrap the facet so water could get out.

  • “I haven’t had to pull that butter knife out in months! The new filtration system has made my job cleaning so much easier!”


- Charmaine Tait (Support Worker)

  • Before the installation of this system we had to replace some of the parts of 3 toilets due to erosion from the calcium build up; since the installation we have had no issues with our toilets and no build up to report.

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